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Back Country Fishing With Fly Fishing Adventures NZ

Updated: May 24



New Zealand is an angler’s paradise and one of the greatest trout fishing destinations in the

world. Both rainbow and brown trout are the main target species in New Zealand’s pristine

lakes, rivers and backcountry streams.

The South Island also presents fantastic opportunities to fish for sea run salmon.

The ideal base for

  • Being centrally located to excellent high-country rivers

  • Sight-fishing

  • Dries (dry flies) and nymphs

We have an abundance of lakes, high mountain rivers, and lowland spring creeks that

ensure there’s something for everyone.

New Zealand’s trout can reach 15 lbs and while there are only few of these monsters caught

each year, the average trout is still an amazing 3 – 6 lbs!

Trout fisherman often dream of making casts to these huge, wild rainbows and browns that lurk in New Zealand’s crystal-clear rivers, streams, and lakes that are surrounded by an extraordinary landscape filled with exotic plants and hulking peaks.


 the very first rainbow trout introduced to New Zealand were first brought to this region from

North American stock in the 1880s and have been thriving ever since.

Anglers have gravitated towards the central South Island for decades to pursue the trophy

trout that reside in that area.

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Back Country Heli-fishing New Zealand
Back Country Heli-fishing New Zealand

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